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What is creativity? 164

It is a quality you bring into an activity. It is an attitude, an inner approach.

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Creativity happens when you forget yourself while performing any task. It happens when you disappear into the task – when you are no longer separate. That is when you let the energy flow, with no barriers ahead.

Nature gives everybody energy which is creative. It becomes destructive only when it is hindered when no natural flow is allowed. Energy is good, energy is a delight, it is divine. But energy needs work, otherwise, it will become restless. Energy needs expression. Otherwise, the same energy coiled up within you will become diseased, an illness.

So when can you let this energy flow? When even you are not there to obstruct it. You mean ego. The more you think, the more you are there as an obstruction. Ego is nothing but all thoughts accumulated in the past. When you drop the ego, you drop a whole world you have created around it. Then you see things as they are, not as you would like them to be.

When the ego is not there, you are no longer self-conscious. Because self-consciousness is always afraid, always trembling. It always makes you need support from others – somebody to appreciate you, somebody to clap, somebody to say how beautiful you are or how intelligent you are. When you are self-conscious you are really showing symptoms that you don’t know who you are. Your very self-consciousness indicates that you have not become creative yet.

Creative means the new, the novel, the original. Creative means fresh, the unknown. It means bringing the new into existence, making way for unknown to penetrate the known. People who feel they know all and are experts and knowledgeable, may or may not have an insight of their own. They depend on borrowed knowledge, on tradition, on the convention. They carry libraries in his head but may have no vision.

To bring creativity into action, you don’t need more information, you need more ‘meditation’. You need to become more silent, you need to become more thoughtless. You need to become less mind and more heart. The essence of creativity, also, I believe, is to be in harmony with nature, with the natural rhythm of the universe. Whenever you are in harmony with the natural rhythm of the universe, you become creative.

Major aspects of creativity include the ability to:

  • connect the dots;
  • recognize non-obvious patterns; and
  • conceive of things not previously conceived.

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Creativity is most useful in problem-solving. Given the same problem, with the same available information, raw materials, and parameters; more creative people tend to find and come up with more novel (and more effective) solutions.

Artists and people with a design mindset tend to be more creative than the rest of the populace because they are generally not easily satisfied with existing ways of doing things.  They are always looking at finding their own voice and inject it into existing modalities. Thanks to their persistence and dogged determination, we now enjoy the fruits of their creative endeavors.

Creativity is not something that you can cultivate. Creativity happens when you surrender and makes space for the real creator. Are you getting it?
As long as you are there, as long as your thoughts and planning are there, there can be no creativity.

The moment you decide, the moment you realize, that it is alright to just be silent. Suddenly, from nowhere, the creative flow with all its force and all its beauty, appears. Are you getting it?

Everyone is creative. We hinder about creativity by giving energy to our conditioning. You are born creative. It is the mind’s natural state to be creative.

You do not need to cultivate creativity. It cannot be cultivated. We are already creative but all the impositions upon the mind, think like this, plan like this, do like this, move like this, go there, seek this goal, try for that result, all these things, they are enemies of creativity.

Creativity is bringing about a novel arrangement or a rearrangement in a novel, original and unusual ways of ideas, things, materials, concepts etc. The end result will be something novel, original, unconventional, seemingly irrational (at first) and distinctly different.

The flavor of creativity might change with contexts but the ingredients remain the same.

In the artistic creativity, the end result can be an unusual use of a medium or an original way of expressing something or bringing about an unconventional perspective to something and so on.

In basic sciences, the product of creativity can be a new arrangement of existing knowledge brought about by a novel and unconventional hypothesis leading to an intriguingly unusual theory that not only explains unresolved issues but also predicts the existence of certain other things. This is what Einstein’s theory of relativity did to Physics.

In Technology, creativity might manifest itself in innovations from safety pin and tea bag to autonomous cars and space travel.Design creativity involves unusual solutions to problems.Creativity in manufacturing brings about more efficient processes, altogether different way of producing something (3-D printers), newer versions of existing processes, synthesis of existing processes and so on.

Creativity does not have to be meaningful. It does not have to be beneficial. Creativity does not need to be new in an idea, method or process. It doesn’t even have to be useful! Creativity is born when in realization/application it makes sense to you and it only has to be you.

It doesn’t even have to come to you cognitively either — with reason or purpose. It could simply be a feeling, an emotion. Thus a sensation we often find difficult to describe to others. Intuition, a flash of inspiration, eureka et al. We may not consciously know the source but subconsciously we know it makes sense. It just feels right. If it feels right we usually act on it.

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