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Kimberly Brix.

10.Lana Rhoades

Now this is a cutie, and a hot one. This is obviously not the first time we are talking about Lana and not the last. She has one of the best bodies for her age and look at the fucking video. She is doing squats with her tits out. Talk about not giving a fuck, the true American pornstar that was born and raised in the states. Slim and sexy legs, and that smile. I just want to keep on going, but there are so many more porn actresses to cover.

9.Ashley Adams

What is there not to like about this, true American pornstar? Everything you see nowadays is either fake or enhanced. Be it fake tits, trimmed pussies, lips with Botox, you name it. However, these are the positive qualities. Why live with the goods from mother nature when you can tell her to fuck off and shoot for the look at a true, US made pornstar? That’s what I am talking about. I am not sure if all these things apply to Ashley but fuck her right in the pussy. Also, my dick is way too short for this sex position.

8.Kayla West

Hey, if you like your pornstars with big tits, then Kayla is your future wife. Go ahead, propose and fuck her. I would ask her to only change one thing about herself and that does not even include anything hard. Just next time, before we meet and I meat you, go to the fucking tanning bed or something. The worst thing I could think (although some find that super sexy) is when a slut has these pale white stains all over her body. Shit is a boner killer, hoe.

7.Carter Cruise

Bitch, please. Stop pretending that it hurts. You probably don’t even feel a thing and the porn producers are like: Carter, please, do some acting. The guy can barely keep his cock inside before it goes limp mode. But this is how we love American sluts right? Nasty, disgusting and just there for fucking. You fuck the crap out of them, promise to call and move to another state. This is the way of American life, the way of living on the Route 66.

6.Abella Danger

Talk about having fun. If this is not how you spend your evenings, then welcome to the club. I am also a rather hot and sexy alpha male without any pornstars to fuck. I could get any of them, for sure, but it’s just that I am so busy. Okay, let’s talk the scene and this US slut. You got a fucking stupid, ponytail hairstyle and a giant butt to keep the company. These girls are laughing their asses off, and I want it. Great chemistry in the scene but I would expect anything less from the studio named Mother Fucker.

5.Dani Daniels

Fuck yeah, one of the best asses in business, which is perfect for the best anal sex of your lifetime. We are talking hard, asshole pounding experience, which makes you happy and leaves her in just so slight pain. I do love this pornstar and the only complain I have is that she is not my neighbor. What a joke, fuck you, God. Also, any girl who loves to lick that brown hole should reserve some sort of compensation when paying taxes. I mean she already ate the dirt.

4Natalia Starr

We have already covered some nice pornstar actresses and their butts as well as tits, but what about the lips? It is a rather important subject, considering that you need great loves to give best blowjobs in the entire world. I do wonder, what would happen if we were to invite let’s say some Russian, Latina, German and other pornstars for a nice competition of cock sucking? I will be the judge. That would probably be a better way to solve a conflict that a World War

3Mia Malkova

Why were you born so far away from me, Mia? Why do you have to be so fucking perfect? Nice tits and tasty vagina. Those are all great and that but check that massive ass of hers. I swear to God, this is a product of the genetically engineered butt. Praise the fakeness and jerk off to it. Also, does your dick also get smelly if you don’t wash it for a month or two? Because mine does not, I just let the bitch clean it with her mouth. She is one of the most popular girls on various porn sites, free and paid. Another thing why I love Mia? She sucks that dick hard.


2.Cali Carter

The American ass from the Sacramento, California. She is a rather short one too, so I am sure that all the curves are bit smaller in real life. However, since we are never meeting, that is fine with me and I have no problem imagining her just perfect, for the rest of my life. Hot, anal ready and just your slutty, all-American porn star. Her tongue could be cleaned though, as it does appear to be on a gray side. At least you have white teeth, another symbol of the fake bling that is native to the land of freedom.


1.Riley Reid

Oh look, a non-blonde pornstar that is from the USA. How fucking shocking is that. You got a rather slim body without much pork belly ingested. She must not love the greasy food or something. But all stupid jokes aside, we do love Riley and have already written about be lovely carrier. She is a good actress, has been working with biggest porn studios, her optimistic attitude is just fucking great and I can’t any major downsides. What do you get by combining all-American cheese and a nice piece of meat? Another ready to fuck pornstar, obviously. Her tits might be on a smaller side, but you gotta love those naturals too.