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10 animals with an extraordinary defense mechanism. 657

The jungle is a survival of fittest.Either you kill or get killed.The basic law of the jungle is killed or get killed.But being eaten is not the option for some animals.Predators are always looking out for its prey and that’s why mother nature gifted some animals with an unusual defense mechanism.It is all about harmony and natural selection.

These are 10 animals with the most bizarre and outstanding defense mechanism you will ever see:

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1.African crested porcupines.
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As you can see the spines also known as quills.Porcupines are coated with sharp quills to protect themselves from predators.They first make shake them, which makes them rattle, as a warning to potential predators.African porcupines do have a larger quill than  Asian porcupines.Quills are considered as a fatal defense mechanism which can cause serious damage.This quills can grow back after falling off.
2.Pygmy Sperm Whale.
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These are some of the smallest species of whale, making them potentially easy prey. To escape danger, a threatened whale will release an anal syrup and then swishes in water by its tail to distract predators.It then uses the cloud made from syrup to hide from the predator.

3. Cuttlefish.

Cuttlefish has pigmented organs called chromatophores, which allow the creature to change its color to resemble its environment and thus evade predators.

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4.Texas horned lizard.

When threatened, these lizards pressure the sinus cavities in their eyes, forcing the blood vessels to burst. The lizard will then shoot a jet of blood at the attacker, from its eyes.The shooting range is often 1.5 meters.The horned lizard also camouflaged, spiky and can inflate itself like a pufferfish.

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5.Eurasian Roller Bird and Northern Fulmars.

Eurasian roller nestlings emit foul-smelling fluid for protection. This bird is also known as vomit bird.

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6.Phasmatodea -Stick insects.

The stick insect uses its remarkable twig-like camouflage to blend in with its surroundings.

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7.Sea cucumber.

Evisceration is a method of autotomy involving the ejection of internal organs used by sea cucumbers as a defensive strategy. Sea cucumbers eject parts of the gut in order to scare and defend against a potential predator.This mechanism is not just defensive but also offensive because of its toxic content.

8. Malaysian exploding ants.

It contracts its abdomen which causes a chemical reaction in its body and the ant dies but the corrosive venom chemicals attack its predator and the predator retreats. This ants have specialized glands in their abdomen.These ants sacrificed their lives to protect their colonies.

Defense Mechanisms

9. Opossum.(The O in “opossum” is spelled but not pronounced)

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As the saying goes “playing possum” apply to the Opossum’s behavior when it is threatened – it will fall into a temporary comatose-state, making it appears like it is already dead. In addition, they can also spray a strong-smelling green liquid that can deter most predators.

10. Flying fish. (Exocoetidae).

Flying fish swims at high speed (37mph) and then jump out of the water, expanding its fins and using them as gliders.

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